Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Dallas, Dr. Philip L. Kelton

Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Philip L. Kelton has been practicing plastic surgery in Dallas since 1979. Professional credentials include board certification by ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery) and the American Board of Surgery.

Dr. Kelton is also proficient in microsurgery, a term for surgery requiring an operating microscope. This procedure allows transfer of tissue from one part of the body to another allowing connection of successively smaller blood vessels and nerves (typically 1 mm in diameter).

Dallas plastic surgery procedures include:
Eyelid Lift, Dallas
Dallas Abdominoplasty
Breast Reduction in Dallas

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Plastic Surgeon Manhattan, Dr. Stafford R. Broumand

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stafford R. Broumand, is an exceptional cosmetic surgeon located in New York City. Committed to every patient’s utmost satisfaction, Dr. Stafford R. Broumand offers beautiful, natural-looking plastic surgery to New York patients. Dr. Stafford R. Broumand is committed to providing personalized, attentive care and will never compromise on the quality of the services he provides.

Dr. Stafford Broumand offers many procedures at Manhattan plastic surgery practice.  Procedures he offers includes Manhattan Facelifts, rhinoplasty in Manhattan, and Manhattan Liposuction.

For more information services offered by Dr. Stafford Broumand at his Manhattan plastic surgery practice you can visit him at his website.

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Colorado Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Manish Shah

Dr. Manish Shah was born in Canada and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. He graduated with honors from the

Dr. Manish Shah

Dr. Manish Shah

University of Pennsylvania, receiving a degree in biomedical engineering. He then completed his medical training at the University of Virginia, earning his Medical Doctorate.

Dr. Shah’s specialties include necklifts, rhinoplasty (“nose reshaping”), and aesthetic surgery of the breast (breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction). He is, however, well-trained in all areas of aesthetic surgery.

For more information on services offered by Dr. Manish Shah you can visit him at his website.

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Austin Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon in Austin, discusses current plastic surgery trends in America. A patient of Dr. Walden’s arrives for her BOTOX injections. In 2007, 2.8 million Americans received BOTOX injections, mostly likely due to their obsession with celebrities. Dr. Walden has seen young patients in their 20s and 30s, not yet ready for a facelift, seeking BOTOX. Dr. Walden’s next patient arrives to get sized for breast implants. Breast augmentation patients can choose between saline or silicone breast implants, and Dr. Walden assures everyone that both options are equally safe

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Manhattan Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is a fully-trained and Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons under the American Board of Medical Specialties. Dr. Steinbrech specializes in Minimally Invasive Aesthetics. He incorporates this philosophy into all of his surgical and non-surgical techniques. He has also been selected as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons by the Consumers’ Research Council of America Surgical Training.

Dr. Steinbrech offers many procedures at his practice serving Manhattan and the surrounding areas.  Plastic surgery procedures offered by Dr. Steinbrech include liposuction, breast augmentation, and facelifts.  Some non surgical procedures offered include BOTOX and dermal fillers.

For more information on services offered at Dr. Douglas Steinbrech’s Manhattan Plastic Surgery practice you can visit him at

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Ultrashape – Non Invasive Liposuction Alternative

Ultrashape, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction uses no incisions and has no recovery time.

Ultrashape uses an external ultrasound to remove fat. Manhattan Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden talks about how fat melts away with the ultrasound.

This procedure is not yet approved by the FDA. For more information about the Ultrashape Ultrasound Liposuction go to Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden’s homepage.

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Plastic Surgeon Austin, Dr Jennifer Walden

Dr Jennifer Walden is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon trained in aesthetic surgery, Breast Lift Austin. Dr Jennifer Walden is trained in aesthetic surgery. Dr Walden is also board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Breast Augmentation Austin; Dr Walden offers breast augmentation surgery at her office in Austin.
Breast Reconstruction Austin; Dr Walden serves Austin with Breast Reconstruction surgery.

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